Presenting the Yurtish language

Yurtisms from the Yurtman

  • After you've stayed in a Yurt, everywhere else is just square.
  • You have a personality just like a Yurt, well rounded.
  • Yurt meditation practice 101 is when you hold your fingers over your head in a circle and say, "I wish I was in my happy Yurt place."
  • A Yurt's dome skylight is your looking glass to heaven.
  • The best cure for cabin fever is staying in a themed Yurt. Stay one night and call me in a month.
  • A staycation is not as fun as a Yurtcation.
  • The best way to properly dress a Yurt is to theme it.
  • I'm so excited that I've got Yurt bumps.
  • It's not a hotel, or a motel... it's a Yurtel.
  • We hope to see you around this way again at Yurtel-Veneta.