YURTISMS from the Yurtman:

  1. When you have stayed in a Yurt, every other lodging is just square.

  2. You have a Yurt personality; well rounded.

  3. “ YM” has replaced “TM”, Yurt meditation is when you hold your fingers together over your head and say to yourself, “I wish I was in my happy place, I wish I was in my Yurt”.

  4. The skylight is your looking glass to the heaven … only in a Yurt.

  5. A cure for Cabin Fever; stay a night in a themed Yurt, and call me in a month.

  6. A stay-vacation is now a Yurt Sensation.

  7. To theme a Yurt is to properly dress a Yurt.

  8. I’m so excited I’ve got Yurt bumps.

  9. Yurt-towns USA; Cottage Grove, Oregon … where they are made, and Veneta, Oregon … where they are themed for your pleasure.